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    PVM’s Business Development Strategy Imagine it’s your last day of work, ever. You’re at your own retirement party. You look around the room and what you see is a reflection of who you are, in your career. How you feel is a reflection of how well you feel you did in your career. Then think on your personal values. How you feel now represents how well you navigated your career to remain in line with your values. I hope you’re feeling well. Otherwise, ask yourself, wouldn’t you want to have the feeling of true friendship, collaboration, success, and alignment to your values when retiring? You might be wondering now, how does this relate to PVM’s Business Development Strategy? It not only relates, it’s intrinsic to how we do business. At PVM we have an unmoving stance on building our business. This all stems from our CEO, Pat Mack. From day one he started the company with the promise of providing high quality software engineering services, the tone was set. Not whatever software engineering service business we could find; the opportunities where we could provide the highest quality. He also wanted to ensure the company was never sold, didn’t grow too large, and above all remained true to our core throughout. For some companies out there, if they are being honest, this concept of intrinsic value is a facade. It’s something they might say, but don’t uphold. Value, to them, means making money, and them more money the years afterward. It could also mean win-lose relationships to ensure they get ahead. Or turning their employees against each other in a negatively competitive environment. And finally, there are those who work for an organization where they are just along for the ride, without care to the alignment of company values and how they do business. All of these examples are, in our way of thinking, “all about the win” or the wrong way of doing business. The PVM Standard is high. We always say to every onboard, we expect the best from you and we brought you onboard because we know you are the best. When we say this, we mean more than just technically the best at their job. We also mean they align to our values and care about the way we do business. We like that our employees want us to perform business ethically and in the best interest of our founding building blocks. We want them to inquire about how we do business. PVM holds ourselves accountable by being open and transparent with our team. For inquiring minds, you can join our business development cohort, where as an extra-curricular activity, you learn about our business strategy and what constitutes a valuable business opportunity. You learn the process we go through to vet opportunities. Finally, if so interested, you can be a part of the action as a viewing party or a participant. This standard also applies to our business partners. As a business-to-business company, our way of doing business is building relationships with other business. When we are looking to partner with another company in order to provide high quality software engineering services, we look for ethical, value-oriented, and a competency pairing match - win-win is implied. At our retirement party, we will ensure that when we look around the room we see friends not foe; that we feel pride, mastery, and content; and that when we think on our values, we feel we were stronghold for our values and core beliefs. Best, Sydney Metzmaker Chief of Operations | PVM